We love fabulous jewelry around here, so, naturally, we love to find new, innovative ways to store all of it. Recently we shared a great jewelry storage tip in our post about solving 10 tricky organization problems, making us thinking about some of our other favorite ideas for jewelry storage. So here they are, including DIY projects, repurposed vintage items, and some amazing purpose-made storage pieces should you want to splurge.

One of my favorite ideas comes from the Love and Lace blog. In fact, I’m swooning over the way she’s organizing her amazing jewelry collection. This wooden serving bowl (at top) from Target is used to hold bracelets and necklaces. I love how beautiful the contrast is, with the bold colors against that natural grain.

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Jewelry storage in vintage baking molds | Cool Mom Picks
The Paisley Wallpaper blog suggests stashing rings and bracelets in vintage baking molds. You can find them easily at flea markets or thrift shops, and they give your storage space a modern feel with vintage flair. If you like something more girly, Martha Stewart suggests similar storage in vintage teacups and saucers. With kids around though, be sure they’re out of reach. Or better, I’d suggest finding a way to secure them, like with some heavy duty double-sided tape, so they don’t tip and spill.



Jewelry storage in vintage candy dish | Cool Mom Picks
This three-tiered candy tray was repurposed by BHG as a place to store bangles and bracelets. It’s so smart how it saves space as a vertical storage unit. I also love the spray-painted and framed radiator screen as a way to display dangle earrings. I’m guessing this would be a pretty easy DIY.



Jewelry storage antlers | creative jewelry storage solutions
We’ve been seeing the trend of antlers as jewelry storage all over Pinterest, and we’re loving it. But if you want the look to be more modern than something a hunting lodge owner might drag in, check out these metallic gold antlers from White Faux Taxidermy on Etsy. (Note: shop originally featured here no longer exists.)

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Jewelry storage birds | Cool Mom Picks
Aren’t these little polka dot birds so sweet for necklaces and dangling earrings? They’re made by Pass the Parcels, an Etsy shop out of the UK, and they just give off British charm. Irresistible. (Note: Item is no longer available but you can find similar on Etsy if you poke around.)


Leather jewelry boxes for jewelry organization: Pottery Barn

If you have a more modern, streamlined style, the leather jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn are the ultimate in tailored sophistication with embossed leather and a protective suede lining, all in four perfect colors. You can even have them monogrammed. Perfect for someone with simple and classic pieces since huge chunky necklaces might not fit. But this is a splurgy purchase — They’re around $149 on sale.



Jewelry storage vintage type tray | Cool Mom PIcks
I’m the type of person who forgets about jewelry pieces that are tucked away, so I like to have all my jewelry hanging where I can see it. So I’m really enjoying this DIY jewelry storage project made from a vintage type tray. You can find these old pieces in the corner stall at some dusty antique store or at your local flea market, then fix it up with a coat of paint in one of Pantone’s colors for this season, add some hooks, and then hang on the wall. So fun, and really easy too.