I’ve always liked the idea of decorating with vintage children’s toys (I now own that there very toy typewriter), but there’s another way to achieve that feeling, should you not have the shelf space or the inclination to go thrifting every weekend. Take a look at David Levinthal’s wonderful photographs of vintage children’s toys that you can find exclusively at children’s fine art mecca Little Collector.

They’re all from his Coney Island series, which feature — you guessed it — tiny amusement park replicas in the most wonderful colors. Each fine art photograph is only printed in editions of 50, 150, and 250 depending on size, so it’s not like some poster that every wall in the neighborhood will be sporting. Plus I just love how well they hold together as a series, should you want to hang three or four on a wall together.

Vintage toy photographs by David Levinthal  | Cool Mom Picks

Coney Island toy photo series by David Levinthal  | Cool Mom Picks

Consider that this is the kind of art that transitions nicely from a baby’s room to a playroom or bigger kid’s room, a tip we’re always suggesting to new moms as they figure out their nursery themes. One more tip: Just be prepared for that bigger kid one day to ask you to go to the nearest amusement park pretty much all the time. Not that he’ll need much encouragement.

Find the series of 7 photographs of vintage children’s toys by artist David Levinthal exclusively at Little Collector starting at $55 unframed.