The idea of a stylish maternity clothing line that still fits after your nine months are up is a relatively new thing. And a welcome one. While some creative (and super fit) moms can get away with buying their normal designer faves a few sizes up to compensate for their growing middle, it’s nice for the rest of us to find maternity clothes that actually grow–and un-grow–with your body. The new label Fourth Love enters this growing market (bad pun, I know) with a chic line that works on the way up and down.

I’m skeptical at the thought of something I wore during my third semester still fitting my smaller frame six months postpartum. But I have to say, I am impressed with some of the pieces Fourth Love offers.

Fourth Love maternity tee | Cool Mom Picks

Their Perfect Long Sleeve Tee is, in fact, pretty perfect. It’s drapey in all the right places on a non-pregnant frame and is long enough to give great coverage even as your belly grows. It look super cute with jeans and leggings (my pregnancy staple), which they also happen to offer.

Fourth Love maternity tee shirt dress | Cool Mom Picks

Also cute is their Maternity Tee Shirt Dress, which while priced more for working women than hanging around the house, has a lovely asymmetrical design that’s way more attractive than running around town in your husband’s oversized t-shirt. Not that I did that or anything. But I will say you probably want to have great legs and arms to get away with it, because it’s not really fitted or shaped.

Fourth Love v-neck maternity dress | Cool Mom Picks


While the majority of your maternity wardrobe will be affordable basics and if you’re lucky, great hand-me-downs, if you need one fancy thing to invest in, check out the Fourth Love’s V-Neck Dress with Leather Trim, which comes in mustard yellow (if you can wear that) and black–which is probably more sensible. Once the baby is here, you could wear it to a bris, baptism or baby-naming and then with a belt and leggings a year later at your kiddo’s first birthday party.

The same skinny caveat applies here too, and in fact to the whole line which only goes up to a size 8-10. We hope that Fourth Love can give a little stylish love to some larger mamas too.

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