Cool. Cheap. And your kids will like, oh, everything. Doesn’t get better than that, right? Then check out this weekend’s huge sale at Black Wagon starting today. It’s one of our favorite go-to sites for apparel and toys for babies and kids. The toys are all 20% off, and the clothing up to 50% off on our favorite brands, plus flat rate shipping which you should get while you can, because it’s changing February 1.

Here are a few (very few) CMP-approved goodies I have my eye on. Especially at these prices.

Soopsori Wooden Rattle Blocks 
What a lovely eco-friendly baby gift, or first birthday gift for a future builder.


Shrinkables toys | Cool Mom PicksShrinkables on Sale
One of my very favorite toys as a kid were our ShrinkyDinks, and now they’ve gotten a really cool, modern makeover in these Shrinkables sets. I love the art in both the fairy tale set and the pirate set.

Hape Mini Bamboo Racers | Cool Mom Picks
Hape Mini Bamboo Racers on sale
A huge step-up from the mass-produced toy cars in styling, variety, and they’re eco-friendly too.


livie and luca barcelona sandals on sale | cool mom picks

Livie and Luca Barcelona Sandals on sale 
Though they come in limited sizes, snatch a pair up of these Handmade Livie and Luca sandals for summer if you can. They’re a new classic.

 Wee Gallery Temporary Tattoos  | Cool Mom Picks

Wee Gallery Tattoos on sale 
My kids cannot resist a temporary tattoo All. Over. Their. Bodies. Well, I won’t mind them if they’re these modern (and yes, temporary) packs from Wee Gallery.

Lucky Fish tee at Black Wagon | Cool Mom PicksLucky Fish Tees on Sale 
We’ve liked the screenprinted tees from indie brand Lucky Fish for a long time, and there are lots of styles including this sweet bird, which is feminine without being too cliche or hoochie for my girl.


Black Wagon Brew Your Own kits | Cool Mom Picks
Brew Your Own Soda  Kits on Sale
Science + junk food. I have a feeling that these brew-your-own soda kits for root beer and ginger ale would be a huge hit at my house.


Patrick Hruby Memory Game | Cool Mom PicksPatrick Hruby Memory Game on Sale
I have to admit, I’m not very good at the Memory Game. My kids regularly beat me. But the experience will be so much more fun when I’m looking at the brilliant designs of Patrick Hruby, Charley Harper, or Alexander Girard.

Visit the Black Wagon sale Jan 18-20, for up to 50% savings + flat rate shipping on all orders. Orders $100+ ship free!