My babies have all been big chewers. Part puppy, we used to say. So no surprise that CChewbeads s afe teething necklaces have been a huge hit with moms of little teethers. These 100% silicone beads are the safest of safe for your kids — no BPA, no phthalates, no cadmium, no lead, no metals. In fact, it’s the same material used to make pacis and bottle nipples. So now we’re flipping out over the new Chewbeads Juniorbeads line of safe, non-toxic kids’ jewelry — especially since my kindergartener still chews on sleeves and backpack straps when she’s lost in a daydream.


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The beads are heat resistant and free from dangerous chemicals, just like the original Chewbeads, and you can even throw them in the dishwasher when they need to be cleaned up. Plus, they are so stylish. This is little-girl fashion with big-girl sensibility.

I’d be quick to wear anything in this line, so I’m happy to splurge on a few pieces for my daughter, knowing they’ll last her a while — and knowing I don’t have to yell, “Get that necklace out of your mouth. It’s probably coated in lead paint!” Also reassuring.

Shop the entire Juniorbeads line of non-toxic kids’ jewelry at our affiliate Amazon, or at and find lots of options at great prices with free shipping at Nordstrom.

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