My son’s favorite activities lately are puzzles and coloring. So you should have seen his face when I hit the free printables and handed him this giant free Valentine’s coloring page coloring page with a Candyland theme from Mr. Printable, one of our longtime favorites.

This quirky, modern design is a refreshing change from so much of the syrupy Valentine’s fare the kids come across, but what my son really loved is the sheer size of this thing. It prints out on 12 pages of paper, and you match it up and tape it together like a puzzle. He couldn’t have been happier. And more happily occupied for a good long time.

In fact, I’m going to ignore my phone and spend a few minutes coloring this poster and just being a kid with my own children over the weekend. I mean, there’s plenty of space for them to share.

Download the free Valentine’s color-in-printable  from Mr. Printables.