Anyone who has gone through the highs and lows of breastfeeding knows that no matter how experienced you are, you’re bound to have moments of discomfort. Or worse. The truth is for some, nursing can be one big outright ouch, with afflictions from cracked nipples to mastitis (fun!). We’re all for breastfeeding, and so we’re all for anything that offers relief for nursing mamas in those difficult early weeks, so you can bet we wanted to find out more about the very weird but kind of wonderful NuzzleHUG.

Admittedly our editors’ first reaction to a photo of the NuzzleHUG–well, let’s say it’s a three-letter acronym that starts with W and ends with F. It is indeed an odd-looking pillow wrap that goes around your neck and hangs down over your breasts but as someone nursing a new baby right now, I totally appreciate the goal of this thermal breast and neck therapy system: to provide comfort where you may need it most.

The inside pods are filled with rice, so you can microwave it to help with milk flow, or cool it in the freezer for relief from engorgement. It also makes it moldable for any other sore parts you might be sporting, like your lower back, or the mid-section for those new moms recovering from a C-section.

There’s no way around it: The NuzzleHUG looks plenty silly draped around your neck and doesn’t do anything for your post-birth fashion sense whatsoever. But nursing moms know that all vanity goes out the window when you’re establishing breastfeeding.

If you’ve ever stuffed cabbage leaves in your bra you know what I’m talking about.

This is definitely not an essential–plenty of women make do with old school remedies just fine, and it is kind of pricey for something you will wear out of the house never ever ever. But in the privacy of your home, the NuzzleHUG can offer you plenty of comfort that, in those moments of awful pain, are worth every penny.

Find the NuzzleHUG starting at $49.95 and available in two different cup size ranges, at the Nuzzle Mom website

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