Hello I don’t suppose you know the brand of the inspirational artwork for kids rooms you feature on an old post about Gilt Group personalized sales ? I love them but can’t find them.  Many thanks, Jill.


Jill, you have great taste–we love those prints too, and fortunately we tracked them down at Fresh Words Market, the same website that sells the wonderful Be Fearless inspirational art print we featured a year ago. It’s a terrific resource for inspirational posters that lean more towards cool than cheesy, with modern graphics and a kid-friendly bent.

Be Present art print for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Chase the Small Ideas art print for kids | Cool Mom Picks

You Are Beautiful art print for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Begin Anywhere art print | Cool Mom Picks

Small Acts Transform the World art print | Cool Mom Picks

Oh It's On inspirational art print | Cool Mom Picks

One of the wonderful thing about shopping here is the way they give back 10% of all sales to wonderful charities, and 100% of specific art prints during limited time events. And that’s one more message we want our kids to know about.

Find non-cheesy inspirational art prints for kids’ rooms and beyond at Fresh Words Market.