While I thought the Lego movie was a great film (with its own terrific movie poster art), what might be even cooler is seeing every Oscar nominee for best picture recreated with Legos. Of course since that would take years–and I haven’t the slightest idea what Minifigs they could possibly find to represent the women in Wolf of Wall Street–the next best thing: making all the film’s movie posters made out of Legos.



wolf of wall street movie poster with legos

oscar movie poster gravity recreated with legos

Oscar Nominee Her recreated with Legos

american hustle movie poster recreated with legos

You can find them all Yahoo Movies which it seems worked together with Sony Pictures to design them. And they are awesome.

Of course Leonardo DiCaprio does look way less smug as a smiley yellow Minifig, though Christian Bale looks relatively the same. Then there’s Jennifer Lawrence, whose body decreases my envy about 6000% when it’s made of boxy yellow plastic. I wonder how you say “science oven” in Danish?


Posters designed by Old Red Jalopy for Sony Pictures. See the rest of the Lego Figure Oscar Movie Nominee Posters  at Yahoo Movies.