It’s not hard to find signs of love all around us today, like these gorgeously designed wooden blocks that spell out love in 12 different languages. And when you take a closer look at how artful these blocks are, you’ll understand why I think they’d be equally at home as a piece of room decor as they would be a plaything for the kids.

House Industries makes such incredible stuff we included several designs in our roundup of the best modern alphabet blocks for kids. Similarly, their Love Heart Blocks are so intricately designed, they are truly unique from every angle. From the word Love that seems to grow out of a twisty vine when the four blocks come together, to the individual words for love carved in Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian, I can almost imagine myself grabbing a block, running to a tattoo artist and saying, “I want this!”



Red and black Love Heart blocks by House Industries | Cool Mom PIcks

detail on Love Heart block by House Industries | Cool Mom Picks

More than great design, these are great toys for kids, made by Uncle Goose of Michigan-grown, kiln-dried wood and printed with non-toxic, lead-free ink. And if red isn’t your color, it also comes in black which is just as gorgeous, if less traditional. In fact, I love the black and red blocks mixed together. Don’t worry: No matter how much you mix it up, it’s all still love.

You’ll find the Love Heart Blocks by House Industries at their website and also at Uncle Goose.