I remember one of the first times I was interviewed by a media outlet, and they surprised me with an off-topic question: What’s the best safe toy for a child? I paused, then stammered, “Uh…blocks.”

Not my finest moment.

But the truth is, I do love giving blocks to kids. They’re perfect for toddlers, they grow with their imaginations as they hit kindergarten, and now even my young grade-schoolers can spend hours creating fantasy lands, stories, and made-up games with them. I’ve been a long-time fan of Uncle Goose Blocks, which not only have some incredibly creative and educational themes, they are gorgeously, sustainably made in the USA and are truly heirloom quality.

One of the new themes to me: these USA building blocks spotted at Anthropologie. Add it to another splurge idea for the grandparents, with those found in our holiday gift guide this year.

50 hand-printed wooden blocks each feature a different state, and each side will delight. You’ll find the state initials printed texturally, info about the state capitals, symbols, and sights, plus a number to represent the order in which it gained statehood.

Clearly these blocks are for more than building — it’s a full geography lesson in one gorgeous box. 

Find the USA building blocks by Uncle Goose at Anthropologie. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.