At the NY Toy Fair this week, one of the finds I’m most excited about so far is a toy that I can’t say is entirely for kids. The gorgeously German-designed collection from playableART is designed to help get minds going and help you find your inner artist, whether you’re a four-year-old planted in front of a magnetic easel or refrigerator door, or a 40-something looking for a little moment of zen at your desk.


PlayableART magnet relief toy | cool mom picks

I am especially taken with the all new Magnet Relief art which allows you to explore design, shape, space and color with magnetic wooden relief pieces. I love how they look on a simple black magnetic board. They’re designed in Germany and in person they’re just exquisitely crafted , which should account for the high price tag–estimates are in the $120 range but we’ll know when they’re available for shipping starting in the spring.  While kids about three and up (past the “eat the toys” phase) would love it, I could see my third-grader absolutely begging for one, and spending hours creating something we haven’t even imagined yet.

Keep an eye on the beyond123 site for more info for purchase.


PlayableART ball toy | cool mom picks

The playableART ball isn’t brand new but wow, is it wonderful. It’s less a ball and more like a series of balls you can twist, dissemble, and bend to your will. You may recognize it from Museum or Design shops, and I think it would make a fabulous baby or toddler gift for a family who really appreciates great design and free play.

playableART natural wooden ball toy | cool mom picks

It also comes in a gorgeous natural wooden color, should you prefer that style. I normally do, but something is drawing me to the rainbow. Not surprisingly, you’ll find them at the MoMA store, home of all covetable things.

Learn about PlayableArt toys on the beyond123 site and find them for purchase at the MoMA Store, our affiliate Amazon, and coming soon to lots of indie boutiques near you. 

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