Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! To mark what would have been Theodore Geisel’s 110th birthday, we’ve pulled together 8 simple, quick, and delicious Dr. Seuss recipes to enjoy while we read some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books. We promise, these are easy, whether you whip them up today, tomorrow, or save them for a Seuss themed birthday party. Because really, shouldn’t we be eating Dr. Seuss inspired treats as often as possible?


Dr. Seuss Recipes:  Cat in the Hat pancakes at Blue Skies Ahead | Cool Mom Picks

Start the day off with this idea for The Cat in the Hat pancakes by Blue Skies Ahead. Use a squeeze bottle to make the hat-shaped pancake,  then let the kids layer sliced strawberries and whipped cream on top. Yum!


Green Eggs and Ham by Jane-Anne Hobbs | Cool Mom Picks

Of course we have to include¬†Green Eggs and Ham, although this recipe has neither eggs nor ham! A little food coloring (natural food coloring?) mixed into a pancake that’s shaped slice of ham and a green-dyed peach half over vanilla yogurt does the trick and is probably way yummier. Though I’m pretty sure the “ham” should be dyed green too here, but go with whatever color you think your kids will actually eat.


Cat in the Hat fruit towers at Super Healthy Kids | Cool Mom Picks

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss recipes are these healthy Dr. Seuss-inspired fruit towers¬†from Superhealthy Kids, that look an awful lot like the Cat’s iconic red-and-white striped hat. My kids would enjoy seeing just how tall they could make this treat before the whole thing comes tumbling down.


Dr. Seuss recipes: Pink Ink Yink Drink from Good Life Eats | Cool Mom Picks

Another healthy option: Power up your day with some Pink Ink Yink Drink, otherwise known as a smoothie. Feel free to substitute any ingredients, just as long as your final product comes out nice and pink.


Dr. Seuss recipes: Thing 1 Thing 2 Babybel by Beth Kruse | Cool Mom PIcks

Quite possibly the easy snack to get ready, create a handmade label to make Thing 1 and Thing 2 Babybel cheese rounds, as suggested by Beth Kruse. My own “Things” love peeling the wax off these soft cheese snacks.


Cat in the Hat pizza by Lindsay Ann Loft | Cool Mom Picks

Pepperoni pizza for Sunday night dinner would go over big in my house, but this¬†The Cat in the Hat pizza¬†by Lindsay Ann Loft would top anything I could get delivered. It’s as easy as shaping the dough like a hat–then hoping it stays that way in the oven.


Lorax Cupcakes at My Frugal Adventures | Cool Mom PIcks

I speak for the trees, and they say these Lorax Truffula tree cupcakes¬†at My Frugal Adventures are the perfect recipe for a Dr. Seuss celebration. Using ¬†straw-shaped Pirouline cookies and a mound of colored cotton candy, this would be a fun–and tasty–kitchen project for a Sunday afternoon. And easy!


One Fish Two Fish Dr Seuss snack from Simple Girl | Cool Mom Picks

With just some blue Jell-O and colorful Swedish Fish, you’ve got an adorable¬†Dr. Seuss Jell-O snack to eat while you read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. And praise all the amazing, timeless books that Theodore Geisel bestowed upon our children.

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