Based on the number of awesome-looking, well-made wooden doctor’s kits we saw at Toy Fair, we expect that a lot of kids will have fun taking care of all their new patients. Here’s a recap of some of the nicest doctor’s kits for kids that we saw, all of which should be available soon.

Crafted in beautiful shades of hardwood,the Soopsori Wooden Doctor’s Kit (at top) includes the cutest stethoscope I’ve ever seen. And even if toddlers try to “eat” the wooden pills which, thankfully, are affixed to a larger wooden base, the natural linseed oil finish is non-toxic.


Wooden Doctors Kits: Melissa & Doug  | Cool Mom Picks

Melissa & Doug has a wooden doctor’s set which shows off its contents on this nicely designed flat, wooden board, with slots for each piece of equipment that kids can match up when they put them away after playing. I love the teal and red color combination, too. The only extra I might need is kneepads, in case my kids try to test my reflexes with that bang-the-knee tool.


Moulin Roty Wooden Doctor's Kits | Cool Mom Picks

Packaged in a beautifully-designed case, French company Moulin Roty’s doctor’s kit includes a little booklet for recording the health of the patients. I expect this will someday be a touching and hilarious keepsake of a young doctor’s first “rounds.”


Le Toy Van Ltd. Wooden Doctor's Kit | Cool Mom Picks

Le Toy Van Ltd. is coming out with a beautiful wooden doctor’s kit which comes appointment-ready in a snazzy, red cloth carrying case packed with everything a young physician needs. It includes a thermometer, syringe, stethoscope and, yes, that darned “hit Mommy in the knee” toy. There is plenty of equipment for two kids to share, or for one very sick (and tired) mommy to help play “patient” while lying on the couch.

These wooden doctor’s kits should be available in specialty toy stores and online later this year. We’ll keep you posted on retailers and launch dates.

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