I’ve been an avowed Mrs. Meyers fan ever since they let me run around in their laboratory, mixing up eco-conscious cleaning products and dabbing the basil fragrance behind my ears. My kids are fans now, too, as there’s nothing they love as much as their own foaming hand soap–especially when it smells like watermelon.

The new Foaming Hand Soap from Mrs. Meyers contains the same 98% naturally-derived ingredients as the brand’s regular hand soaps, but are improved a thousand-fold in my kids’ eyes by the addition of exciting foam! And bubbles! They also love the new kid-friendly watermelon and apple scents, in addition to the lavender and lemon verbena fragrances I have come to love.  Everyone’s favorite in our house is the watermelon, and little hands have been 147% cleaner (roughy) since we put that pink bottle by the bathroom sink.

I’m not generally a fan of apple scents, but the Mrs. Meyers crew knew what they were doing when they highlighted the crisp sweetness of an actual apple instead of going for the usual cheap, cloying shot of green apple candy.

If you’re sick of dirty little handprints and like to know that your kids are scrubbing up with natural, safe soaps, you’re going to be pumped for these pumps.

Find Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap at the Mrs. Meyers site find them at a local store near you.