I discovered the wonderful work of the Kenyan rescue charity, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, several years ago, when my parents fostered an orphaned baby elephant on behalf of my children. We continue to follow Kenze‘s progress to this day and we love the frequent and very specific updates we get from them, and news that he’s gone from near starvation to healthy adult now thriving in the wild, even despite the rampant and illegal bands of poachers that still threaten him.

Sheldrick’s passionate work gets some ink thanks to avid celeb supporters like Kristin Davis, but otherwise I’m surprised I don’t hear more about this fabulous organization. So I was thrilled to see that there’s a new David Sheldrick elephant kids tee at J Crew of all places. Who knew?

If your kids love elephants, they’ll love this soft cotton tee illustrated by Hugo Guinness, especially because 100% of the net profits are donated straight to the Trust so they can continue with their work rehabilitating elephants and sending them back to live in the wild. Now that’s real charity.

And even better, maybe it will inspire you to foster an elephant of your own. My kids highly recommend it.

Find the David Sheldrick elephant kids tee for $29.50 at JCrew, with 100% of the net proceeds being donated. For more info on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and how to foster an elephant starting at just $50 a year, please visit their website.




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