They’re bright green, they’re pretty, and they’re for grown-ups only, which  makes these Absinthe Chocolate Cordials the perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat for someone like me. If that mischievous leprechaun’s going to pee green in my potty (you know what I mean), he’d better leave me a little something for my trouble.

Those lovely folks at Sugarfina have come up with a unique way to treat yourself on a minor holiday without involving Irish Cream. The chocolate cordials are non-alcoholic but carry the unusual flavor of absinthe, which is herbal and a little like licorice, if you’ve never tasted the Green Fairy before. As a drink, it’s strong and hallucinatory, so, yeah. We think this is a safer bet.

Absinthe also always makes me think of Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge and Paris, which has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day and everything to do with an indulgence that I sorely need after my kids get sugared up on green food coloring at school.

If you want an adult St Patrick’s Day Treat, check out the Absinthe Chocolate Cordials from Sugarfina. Tasting packs start at $2.50 with larger quantities priced at $7 or $18, and one big, whopping 5-pound box for $65 if you’re hosting a party for absinthe-loving Impressionist painters.