Let’s not call us procrastinators. Let’s just say…we’re busy. Because we are. So we get it.  if you’re still looking for a last  minute Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone, here are a few ideas that go a little further than a hastily scribbled, wrinkled card that was the second to last one left on the shelf.

Sugar Daddy Candygram Gift from Sugarfina | Cool Mom Picks Candygram from Sugarfina I am in love with this Beverly Hills confectionary which isn’t as big on the fancy gourmet truffles as they are on kitchy, playful ways of repackaging childhood favorites as in a Sweetheart Bento Box, a Pucker Up Candy gift set of candy lips and pink jellybeans, or a cute Sugar Daddy gift set shown here. Sugarfina Single Malt Scotch Chocolate Cordials | Cool Mom Picks For something more refined check out the Single Malt Scotch Cordials which you can order packaged with a flask, or Champagne Bears (shown at very top) which are definitely not your children’s gummies. (Shipping deadline: 1PM EST 2/12 for FedEx 2 day, or 1PM PST 2/13 for Overnight.Cheaper rates for SoCal residents)


Hanky Panky Lingerie spring collection | Cool Mom Picks Hanky Panky Lingerie While there’s an entire Valentine’s gift guide at the shop with suggestions from naughty to semi-nice, I happen to like the spring 2014 collection which is a potentially the most fun way you can give flowers. Just be sure your sweetheart likes getting lingerie. Trust us. (Shipping Deadline: Noon EST 2/12)

Fresh flowers from Flowerbud.com | Cool Mom Picks Fresh Flower Delivery from Flowerbud Before you roll your eyes at flowers, I for one am and will always be a fan of fresh flowers, especially when I know the sender put the thought into ordering them from somewhere like Flowerbud, which ships farm-fresh, eco-friendly, sustainably grown flowers overnight. Of course red roses make a certain statement, but I’m eyeing the Ranunculus, Anemones, potted Orchids, or even a bountiful bouquet of 120 Red Tulips. Whoa. (Shipping deadline: 2/13 with overnight delivery included in the cost)   Beats by Dr. Dre High Def Studio Headphones | Cool Mom Picks Beats by Dr. Dre High Def Studio Headphone I love the idea of red tech gifts for Valentine’s Day and I can’t imagine any music lover who wouldn’t be thrilled with a new pair of high-end headphones from one of our favorite brands, Beats by Dr. Dre. Plus Nordstrom has a sweet shipping deal on gifts like these right now, as in free. (Shipping deadline: 3PM EST 2/12 for free two-day shipping on select Valentines gifts with code LOVE; Cool Mom Picks is an rstyle affiliate.) Princess Bride on Blu-Ray | Cool Mom Picks Princess Bride Blu-Ray Disc or another favorite Valentine’s Movie Put that Amazon Prime account to good use or hit your local video store (should you still have one) to pick up a favorite romantic movie. Yes, we’re all watching everything streaming these days but there’s something way more gifty about owning a disc with special meaning for you and your sweetheart. Also, it’s something to do after the kids are asleep and you’re stuck home without a sitter. (Shipping deadline: Up until 2/13 if the item is offered with Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery) Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka Satchel | Cool Mom Picks Tory Burch Emmy Crossbody Tote in Gold | Cool Mom Picks Marc by Marc Jacobs Billy Hobo | Cool Mom Picks A Hot Designer Handbag Also available for free two-day shipping at Nordstrom are a ton of great accessories–and hey, we wouldn’t kick a designer handbag out of bed. Some favorites: the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Satchel in pink,  the Tory Burch Emmy Crossbody Tote in a metallic gold, and the Marc Jacobs Billy Hobo in a perfect Valentines red.
pablo neruda love poems Pablo Neruda Love Poems
Books rock. Romantic books rock. If you can’t grab a copy in person, send your love a Kindle Download or a Nook Download so she (or he) will be able to carry it around always. How gorgeous is that cover art? Plus, thinking about you on the bus definitely beats playing Candy Crush.

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