Finding t-shirts I actually like for my boys has become something of a challenge. They gravitate between wanting to wear soccer jerseys or tees emblazoned with their favorite superhero on their chests. I  pick and choose my battles, so I usually let them head off to school with their choice. I finally found a line of t-shirts that both my sons and I adore equally as much. Warrior Poet Clothing is a terrific collection of cool clothes for boys including graphic t-shirts and hoodies that help promote a larger message of courage.

Star Struck Tee Shirt from Warrior Poet | Cool Mom Picks

My older son, the fledgling guitar hero, is crazy for the Star Struck tee ($35), with a guitar strap design wrapping around the back.

Warriot Poet Clothier Red Writes the Blues Tee | Cool Mom PicksMy younger soon looks adorable in their Red Writes the Blues tee-shirt, another rock star-worthy find.

Warriot Poet hoodies | Cool Mom PicksHoodies are another wardrobe staple of my guys, and the hoodies from Warriot Poet have ruggedly cool graphics, ready to be worn to school or on the soccer field.

I love that all of the t-shirts are 100% cotton and made with sustainable water-based inks. While Warrior Poet’s message of “valor, loyalty, wisdom and temperance” may be lost on my kids, one thing’s for sure: I plan on showing some serious loyalty to these awesome t-shirts.

Shop the entire Warrior Poet clothing collection of cool clothes for boys on Warrior Poet Clothier.