I went nuts over the Ninjabread men cookie cutters when we featured them awhile back because heaven knows we love unique cookie cutters. So it’s no surprise that I’ll soon be adding these gingerbread action man cookie cutters to my collection as well, especially since they’re customizable. Yes, really.

I’m preparing for my kids to flip when they see these cool cookie cutters that can actually be changed up into three different poses by moving their arms and legs around. I can imagine the fun they’ll have creating whatever sort of action figure they’re in the mood to eat–rock stars, super heroes , really victorious chess players–all of which can be decorated however they’d like.

That means not just gingerbread men by the way. Gingerbread action women wear shorts and pants too. No tutus, either.

You can purchase the Gingerbread action man cookie cutters at Perpetual Kid