We are talking about getting a dog, which makes it official: No more babies for this household. And I’m pretty much okay with that fact until I see a store like YarnBall Stories. This absolutely adorable Etsy shop has safe and soft crocheted baby toys and decor that stop me in my tracks with the cuteness. And you know how much of a soft spot we have for cool crocheted toys and gifts like crocheted baby booties here at Cool Mom Picks.

The YarnBall Stories crocheted baby mobiles come in themes like the solar system, colorful hearts, or just pretty pastels. I can envision those planets entertaining future stargazers as they settle in for the night. There is also a huge selection of crocheted play food–totally safe for your teething child to attempt to eat.

And how cute is that crocheted bunny rattle in time for Easter?


Crocheted baby mobile at YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Crocheted baby mobile - bees by YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Crocheted baby mobiles at YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Crocheted baby toys and rattles - rainbows at YarnBall Stories

Crocheted planet mobile at YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Crocheted planet mobile at YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Crocheted bunny rattles for Easter at YarnBall Stories on Etsy

Beyond all those toys and dolls for cuddling, the shop  turns children’s artwork into handmade dolls, which would make a perfect keepsake gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any day, really. I’m pretty sure that even my 7 and 12-year-olds would love to see their art come to life this way.

Crocheted baby toys -monogrammed dumbbell rattle at YarnBall at Etsy

As for me, I think I’m spending my money on this monogrammed crocheted baby dumbbell rattle. It looks enough like a dog bone, and maybe our puppy will need his own crocheted toys. Because I’m not having another baby. I mean it. Do I sound convincing?

Head over to YarnBall Stories on Etsy to see the cute crocheted baby toys, mobiles and gifts for yourself. Just be aware that they ship from Lithuania, so you may have to wait a little bit to enjoy the products.