We have played with Tegu and drank the KoolAid. From their mind-bending explorer sets to mobile toy kits, they simply rock the block. Our favorite eco-friendly block-makers have just rolled out a super tricked out magnetic block building set for the master builders out there, and we want it (for our kids) bad.

This 130-piece classroom set is the ultimate for kids who want to get serious about their Tegu construction. We can only imagine what creations could come of out this totally souped-up box. If you are looking to kick up the playroom, add to your home school set-up, or make a solid contribution to the classroom, this set is where it’s at. Multiples of their cubes, columns, planks, wheels, triangles, and more can be freely stacked at angles, all gravity-free, thanks to their internal (and safe) magnets.

As always, their blocks are “purposefully” made in Honduras to support the community with sustainably-sourced wood and non-toxic paints that are made to last, and thank goodness for that since our kids can’t put them down.

Tegu magnetic building block set for classroom


Yes, $300 is a huge investment but you’ll have an endless supply of (or at least 130) extremely well-crafted magnetic blocks that allow our kids to bend their imagination and flex their creative muscles. And really, if you think about it, it’s the equivalent cost of not that many Lego sets. And much less painful underfoot.

Find the 130-piece Tegu classroom set of magnetic building blocks at the Tegu website and set your mini-builder free. If you’re a superfan, check out the 480-piece Ultimate Builder Set too. Whoa.