If you’ve been putting off buying new spring clothes for your growing-like-a-weed child because they find most clothes too scratchy, tight, or rough, check out Soft clothing, a brand we’ve loved since they launched. And get ready to stock your kids’ closets with clothes they’ll actually want to wear.

Plus, their new spring line, coming out later this month, is totally cute.

Soft’s organic cotton, comfy, and tag-less clothes are created for kids with sensitivity issues like Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, and other medical issues that can cause tactile sensitivity. Even if they aren’t diagnosed with an issue, for some kids like my daughter, Soft’s flat-seamed, thoughtful construction feels like a miracle made of cotton.

And we love the company which was founded to help kids and families for whom something as basic as “getting dressed in the morning” is such a huge issue. Along with their clothing line, Soft also donates to several non-profits that help kids with Austism, something we especially appreciate on today’s World Autism Awareness Day.

With bold, bright tees like the BKNY shirt shown above, to pretty florals  (so on-trend this spring!) and polka dots, I really like the variety in this new line. You’ll have to wait a few weeks to get your hands on their new offerings, but they’re worth it.

Soft clothing’s new spring line will be available at Modnique on April 17th and the Soft website on April 25.