Well, Baggu has certainly come a long way since we first discovered their durable, stylish reusable nylon totes back in (eep) 2008. The collection has grown to include so many gorgeous styles and colors, and now Baggu leather bags are fast becoming a staple of the collection. In addition to the original Leather Baggu, they’ve introduced accessories ranging from an $18 leather coin purse to a small leather clutch in fun spring colors (shown at top).

Affordable Mother’s Day gift perhaps?

Baggu leather pouch spring colors | Cool Mom Picks

Baggu leather key chains | Cool Mom Picks

The 8″ leather pouch would be a great staple in my existing tote, to stash my earbuds, phone charger, and wall adapter, all without turning my bag into the tangled cord nest it often is.  And I’m thinking the simple leather key chain straps would be a smart, affordable little pick-me-up.  While they’re great on their own, they can conveniently snap onto an inner-strap in your bag so you’re not digging around in there outside your front door, getting tons of Goldfish dust under your nails in the process.

In other words, my bag might look stylish on the outside but don’t even ask to see what’s inside. Smoke and mirrors, my friends.