It was suuuuper fun sitting down with an aesthetician last week when she asked what kind of beauty products I was interested in, and I had to pause and mutter, “Uh….anti-aging cream I guess.” Though considering anti-aging beauty products are being marketed to women in their early 20’s these days, I suppose I’m in great company. If you’re with us (One of us! One of us!) then I have just the thing for you.

Finnish beauty company Lumene skin care makes anĀ ExCELLent Future Dual Boost Age-Defying and Repairing Night CreamĀ that hardly rolls off your tongue. But what it lacks in wordsmithing it makes up for in awesomeness. In just one night of putting it on before bed I absolutely felt the difference in the morning. My skin felt smooth and looked terrific. After a week, I’ve become a full-on evangelist and actually find myself looking forward to the next application.

Lumene products aren’t all all-natural, but are rooted in natural ingredients from the Arctic like wild Arctic cloudberries, which, well I’d never heard of them either but they’re packed with antioxidants. There are no parabens or synthetic colorants in the cream which is great. And while this product hasn’t hit the EWG cosmetics database yet, the eye cream and serum from the same line each score a respectable 3. Not bad for relatively affordable anti-aging cream.

I can’t say for sure whether it “reduces the depth of wrinkles that have already formed” as they claim. But if it does, I think that would just be a bonus; whatever it’s doing right now is wonderful. I also have no idea if I’ll be one of the 1/3 of women in their clinical test whose skin appeared 5 years younger after using it along with the serum twice a day for a week–but it definitely makes me want to try the serum too, and take those odds.

Let’s just say I’ll let you know if I start getting carded at bars again.

Lumene products including the ExCELLent Future Dual Boost Age-Defying and Repairing Night CreamĀ are available at stores like Walgreens andĀ Ā with the best deal right now at CVS,Ā Ā for $22.49