They say that to take care of anyone else, you first need to take care of yourself. This year I’ll prepare to show our planet Earth Day love by first showing myself some love with one (maybe two?) of these eco-cocktails made with organic liquor. Hey, we’ve gone organic with everything else, why not with our spirits, too? If you do imbibe, these happen to be delicious as well as a little better for the planet.

For you pregnant ladies or non-drinkers, just stick with some of our favorite mocktail recipes. Serve in locally made glassware, wash with limited water and biodegradable dish soap. Toast to the Earth. Done.


Organic liquor: Prairie Organic Spirits

My new favorite organic liquor is made by Prairie, a Minnesota based brand that started with vodka and now also offers gin and, my favorite, cucumber vodka. All Prairie spirits are made from a single vintage organic corn (ooh la la!) grown by farmers who also own the distillery. Not only do they churn out clean, handcrafted spirits, but they also convert leftover corncobs and other biomass to fuel the stills.


Cucumber Mojito recipe with organic cucumber vodka at Muy Bueno

Though I like rum every once and a while, I’m generally partial to vodka and Prairie Cucumber Vodka makes the most delicious cucumber mojito. Yes, I know this first hand. If you’d like to know, too, use it instead of rum in this Cucumber Mojito recipe from Muy Bueno. You can also skip the cucumber in this recipe since the vodka is already infused.


Cucumber Margarita recipe with organic tequila at A Beautiful Mess

You can also use cucumber vodka to make a vodka version of this delicious Cucumber Margarita that we featured from A Beautiful Mess.


Perfect Gin Martini recipe at Food52 via Cool Mom Picks

If you’d like to give Prairie Gin a try, a Gin Martini is the best way to enjoy its purity. This recipe from Food52 is a wet martini with more vermouth than the standard five-to-one-ratio. If you prefer a drier version, just reduce the vermouth or skip it all together.


Gin Tarragon Cocktail recipe for spring at Lark & Linen

To be honest, one sip of a Gin Martini will do me in, so I’m more inclined to slowly sip on this Gin Tarragon Cocktail spied on Lark & Linen. I love the idea of a cocktail made with nothing more than organic liquor, lime juice, and a simple syrup infused with fresh, grassy tarragon. Perfect.


IXA organic tequila for earth day and beyond | Cool Mom Picks

Most available organic liquors are vodka and gin. The pickings are slim for amber spirits, but a few quality, organic tequilas have popped up, including IXA organic tequila produced by the Greenbar Craft Distillery, a collective that produces the biggest variety of organic, hand made spirits. This tequila is made from 100% blue agave and has a fresh, earthy taste that’s as good for sipping straight as it is for mixing into cocktails. And for every bottle sold, a tree is planted. That’s reason enough to give it a try.


Tequila Sunrise cocktail recipe at Call Me Fudge

If you do give IXA organic tequila a whirl for Earth Day, why not pay homage to a beautiful sunrise with this classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail from Call Me Fudge.


Black Currant Margarita recipe at One Hungry Mama

Or, of course, mix up a classic tequila margarita. We have 10 margarita recipes for you, from a top-notch classic version from White on Rice Couple (pictured top) to flavors ranging from Black Currant (above) to Guava Orange. We’ve unearthed a margarita for every taste, each a fresh way to celebrate the bounty of our planet.


Prairie Organic Spirits are available in liquor stores, grocers, restaurants and bars in a variety of sizes nationally. Prairie Organic Gin, Prairie Cucumber-Flavored Organic Vodka and Prairie Organic Vodka are available at a suggested retail price of $19.99 for a 750mL bottle. The Greenbar Craft Distillery site has a map to help you locate IXA organic tequila in your state.