It’s the time of year that I can go for a nice, beautiful little indoor herb garden on my urban windowsill. I love the idea of always having fresh basil for pesto, and fresh mint for lemonade or iced tea.  A Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is a great way to start, but when you’re ready to replant into larger individual containers, it’s nice to make them pretty. These herb labels for flower pots can help. And aren’t they sweet on a simple, handpainted, two-tone flower pot? Even I can do that.

It’s a neat idea if you have kids around who are just starting to differentiate between all the herbs (even if you know them all, of course). Mine love trying to identify the different kinds of lavender in their grandmother’s garden, and even more so, gloating when they get it right.

Herb labels - custom decals | Zesty Graphics on Etsy

The herb labels are $1.75 each, but should you want a whole set (and why not?) find one that includes 13 herb labels for $22. They’re perfect for those of us not so handy with the Sharpie, because the typeface is lovely. No curliecues! And you know how I hate curliecues almost as much as comic sans.

You’ll find all the herb basics covered–basil, chives, dill, sage, thyme and more. But you can also specify something custom, should you be attempting pineapple mint, french sorrel or pygmy borage. Can you think of how fun it would be to try and find “pygmy borrage” recipes on Pinterest? I want to do it for that reason alone. Now if only I can keep my cats off of my windowsill.

Find affordable herb labels, decals and markers on Zesty Graphics on Etsy.