We are starting to get really excited about summer break around my house, but I know the inevitable chorus of We’re booorrred will start up before too long. Luckily, I am armed and ready with a copy of Project Kid, the new kid craft book by Amanda Kingloff, former lifestyle director at Parents magazine.

If my crew stays focused, we can probably tackle all 100 crafts in this terrific, well-curated collection of fun DIY projects. I’m debating between starting with the photo tree made from twigs and Play-Doh lids, or the rock garden made with rocks, tissue paper, and Mod Podge. Because what crafter doesn’t love some Mod Podge?

This is the stuff kids really will want to make, from rocket ships to pirate ships to Halloween masks and jewelry. Even some crafting basics like pom-poms or weaving patterns. And I so appreciate how stylish everything is, without being Pinterest perfect. You really do get the sense that real kids made all these crafts, and while they made them well, they’re made even more charming with the imperfections that children bring to their projects.

Project Kid craft book: peacock DIY project

DIY pennants form the Project Kid craft book

Project Kid really seems to be designed for use at home, with step-by-step photo instructions and supplies that you will probably already have on hand or are easy to come by. No gold leaf  powder or paper punches in unusual shapes. I imagine lots of the ideas would work in classrooms too though, and in fact I’m planning on picking up copies for my preschooler’s teachers at the end of the school year.

And who knows, if you grab a copy right now, it might even inspire some handmade gifts in time for Mother’s Day. Or Father’s Day. Or a birthday. In fact, there’s hardly any occassion when I’m not happy to get something I know was made by my kids with love.

Get crafty with your own copy of Project Kid by Amanda Kingloff at our Amazon affiliate. It just might be your favorite book of the summer.