The hippie in me has a soft spot for batik style. I love dressing my child in a way that softly suggests our family’s peacekeeping ways, and yet, I know it’s not 1966. So I am all over the funky modern batik  shirts, dresses and pants for kids new from Hiho Batik.

Hiho Batik’s new spring collection for kids really has us seeing the handmade light. With throwback images like ring popshipster headphonesdreamy clouds and the radness of Brooklyn, I love the 60s-meets-80s vibe. (Except for the Woodstock tee which is definitely 60ss-meets-60s, although the 80s did bring back the whole hippie batik thing…but I digress.)

There seems to be a little something for everyone here, which isn’t a easy task with batik. It’s safe to say that this label really masters their process, leaving cool kids with plenty of choices for the warmer months.



Hiho Batik kids woodstock tshirt

Hiho Batik modern batik cloud leggings for kids Hiho Batik modern tee for kids - Love lollipop tankHiho Batik modern tee for kids - Brooklyn

Hiho Batik Ringpop Dress for girls

These fresh selections are  like a ray of sunshine that has us dreaming of long summer days out and about. Whether you a heading down to the urban oasis, lounging out at the local arboretum or loading up the VW for a summer tour, Hiho Batik offers some fun choices to keep your kids looking and feeling laid back and cool through the hot months ahead.

Shop modern batik clothes for kids from the new Hiho Batik spring/summer collection.