Clearly we’re having a thing for hidden message keepsake jewelry this week, because first we found the awesome necklacesĀ from Beth Macri, and now I’m crushing on this secret message locket spotted on Etsy.

Dearest Mine finds vintage 1960s ball lockets,Ā refurbishes them, and includes a blank of accordion-style paper. Write your own personalized message,Ā or if your handwriting is like mine, LoriĀ can do it for you. You can also include two photos if you wish, this being a locket and all.


Secret Message Vintage Locket at Dearest Mine on Etsy

I can see this as a beautiful, sentimentalĀ grad gift: Write Oh, the places you’ll go (or something less…familiar) and include a photo of your college-bound kid now, and as a baby. Or it’s perfect for new moms, grandmas, anniversaries, or even BFFs who need a little sisterly love reminder around her neck.

Find the one-of-a-kindĀ secret message ball lockets and more fun jewelry finds at Dearest Mine. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.