We’re not always fans of the matchy-matchy daddy and me shirts, but if there’s one time that we think it’s pretty fun, it’s Father’s Day. Especially if you’ve got a new kid that just made Daddy a Daddy. So even slight cynics like us love the decidedly non-cutesie selection of clever daddy and me shirts from long-time favorite  shop, Twisted Twee.

More quirky than sugary sweet, what I really like is that the two shirt designs are related, but don’t quite match. I’d love to see that lightbulb moment as people see the pair together and figure out how the t-shirts relate to each other, like the wee acorn shirt that should stick extra close to the tree.

If an energetic toddler is wearing Dad out every day, the fuel gauge shirt set is the perfect fit. A bunch of other options that will make dad smile on his special day include a tortoise and a hare, “old” and “new” (ouch!), or a king and a pawn.

Just be warned that one of the things we like about Twisted Twee is that they are, indeed, twisted; not all of the sets in the shop may be stuff you want an older kid–or sensitive in-laws–reading.


Old/new Daddy and Me shirts at Twisted Twee


Empty/full fuel gage daddy and me shirts for Father's Day

Fast food Daddy and Me  shirts for Father's Day at Twisted Twee


I'm Spartacus Daddy + Me T-shirt Sets for Father's Day


Pint/half-pint Daddy and Me shirts at Twisted Twee

Chess pawn daddy and me shirt set for Father's Day at Twisted Twee

Nice touch: Bigger families can even order some styles with multiple shirts for more kids (or “nippers” as this UK site calls them) along with a dad-sized tee, like their classic pint and half-pint daddy and me shirts now in a ton of colors. However it especially appropriate for the “I’m Spartacus” tees, which is extra funny if you’ve got a whole house full of nippers.

Choose from nine different clever, quirky, not quite cutesie daddy and me shirts  pint and half-pint daddy and me shirts at the at Twisted Twee online shop. Shirts ship from the UK, so please allow two weeks to arrive in the US.