Hold onto your baking sheets, cookie lovers.  Sweet Loren’s all-natural cookie dough for ready-to-bake cookies has arrived and will make eating your favorite sweet treats way easier and with less guilt. Packed with 100% whole grains, natural sweeteners, and [edited to clarify] fewer processed and refined ingredients than similar products from other brands, these cookie doughs wait ready in your freezer and bake up in minutes whenever you–uh, I mean the kids–are craving a treat.

Sweet Loren’s award-winning cookie dough was created by Loren Brill, a long time sweets lover and cancer survivor who committed to clean eating after her recovery. She searched high and low for baked goods that would satisfy her sweet tooth without compromising her healthy diet. When she couldn’t find a thing, she took baking into her own hands and Sweet Loren’s was born. They’re even dairy-free and contain no preservatives.

Now you’re wondering how they taste, right?

I’ve had the chance to try some of Sweet Loren’s treats (tough job, I know) and can report that they are totally delicious. The chocolate chip cookies came out exactly as I like them: crispy around the edges, warm and gooey in the middle. Though a super discerning palate can probably tell that these are made with whole wheat flour, it barely impacts the flavor. As for the dairy-free part, well, I was amazed that these cookies don’t contain butter.

Sweet Loren’s chocolate chip cookies even passed the kids test in my house. And lets just say that my kids have high chocolate chip cookie standards, thank you very much.

Sweet Loren's Oatmeal cookie dough | Cool Mom Picks

The doughs come in a frozen “break-and-bake” block. I’d suggest you slightly thaw the whole block of dough at room temperature for 15 minutes, then break off only as many servings as you want to bake. Reseal the bag and place the dough you don’t cook back in the freezer or fridge. Or do as I do and use a sharp knife to break off a few servings and pop them directly from the freezer into the oven.

Then directly from the oven into your mouth. Not that you needed my advice there.

You can find out where to buy four flavors of Sweet Loren’s cookie dough on the Sweet Loren’s site or order your fill online directly from the Sweet Loren’s online store. They plan on launching Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk and Double Chocolate cookies next.