I admit I have been lax in the clothes labeling department, inadvertently donating way too many cardigans and water bottles to mysterious children at our school. But now that my kids are going to summer camp for the first time, it has been mandated in no uncertain terms, ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEARLY LABELED WITH THE CAMPER’S NAME.

So of course I turned to our label mainstay, Mabel’s Labels, whose labels actually stay on well and don’t get all worn away in the wash.

Turns out their personalized camp label combo which they launched a while back is now wonderfully updated with loads more design choices for your kids to spend too much time agonizing over.

Seriously, plan for a good half-hour for them to play with the customizer and see what their name looks like on every single design. Kids.

Personalized woodland creature labels and bag tags for school by Mabels Labels

Add up to 20 characters, whether you prefer your kid’s actual name, initials, or a nickname, and choose from designs ranging from cute cartoony animals (my older daughter’s choice) to a skateboard and lightning bolts (my younger daughter, who asked for “something other girls probably wouldn’t pick”) with about 40 other designs in between.

Even actual camp themes like tents, tennis rackets and campfires.

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Mabels Labels Personalized labels for camp | Cool Mom Picks

The pack is pretty comprehensive, so you can label everything from water bottles to clothes and sheets, to backpacks and shoes.

Basically, whatever I need to make sure (if I hope and pray and cross all fingers and toes) that the clothes I send them to camp with might actually come home.

That said, if you’ve got more than 4 pairs of shoes you want to label, you might want to order some extras. Otherwise you should have plenty in the pack, because hopefully if your kid is away for more than a week, you don’t need to pack 50 pairs of shorts because there will be laundry done.

Maybe? Somewhere? Wishful thinking?

Find the Mabel’s Labels personalized camp label packs on their website.