The downside to loving Tea Collection‘s well-made, comfortable, stylish clothes for my kids is that they outgrow them, as kids are wont to do. They even outgrow them while the clothes still look fantastic and nearly new. So you can hand them down to siblings or friends, or try this: A new collaboration between Tea Collection and online consignment shop thredUP  will give me credit towards new clothes for every piece of gently used Tea that I send to thredUP.

To get started, just order an empty bag from thredUP  and start filling it with Tea Collection clothing that your kids have outgrown or just don’t need anymore. Mamas who love Tea Collection’s women’s line will be excited to know that you can include your own items too. When thredUP receives your clothes, they’ll prepare each piece for their online consignment shop, and add up your total credit amount–about $3-7 for each gently worn item. Then use your credit to purchase brand new clothing at–you guessed it–Tea Collection.

thredUP does not accept clothing that is stained, ripped, or worn out, so if your kids are as hard on their clothes as mine are, be sure to inspect pieces for quality before you send. They also do not accept clothing smaller than 12 months in size, which means they won’t take any smaller items from Tea Collection’s baby line. But for those pieces that are in decent shape and the right size, this is a great way to earn a little money to put toward all of the new Tea flowing into thredUP.

Visit thredUP to order your bag to fill with gently used Tea Collection clothing. With this great buy-back program, there’s bound to be a whole lot of Tea flowing into thredUP soon for you consignment shoppers too.