We’re not shy about our love for amazing heels here at Cool Mom Picks. I certainly have my yoga-pants-and-t-shirt days, but there’s just something about getting dressed up in trendy designer clothes and feeling like I look good. But no matter how happy I am to be dressed up, at the end of a long day in some six-inchers my feet are feeling it. Ouch, for real.

A nice soak in some epsom salt at home can do wonders, but if you’re traveling or don’t want to draw a bath, or you’re just busy (because, aren’t we all?) try Sole Serum, which is an organic soothing serum for foot pain relief.


Sole Serum organic foot relief from shoe pain

This cream really does a good job of comforting those pinched spots at the end of a long day; you know, the ones that are blisters waiting to happen. I used a few pumps on the back of my heels, (recommendation is 3-4 applications a day max) where I usually end up slapping on one of my kids’ bandages, and the tingly, calming sensation was almost instant. I never would have believed it.

The scent is minty—there’s peppermint oil and lidocaine in the mix of all-organic ingredients—but it’s not Ben-Gay strong, and it doesn’t last long. The scent will fade, but the cooling sensation will keep penetrating those sore spots long after.

This is the kind of thing I’d throw in my handbag for quick relief when I have sexy (but uncomfortable) shoes on. If it can keep me from kicking my shoes off under the table at fancy dinners, I’m sold.

You can buy Sole Serum at their website for $29.50 for a 15ml tube or at other online beauty boutiques.

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