Luckily, my kid’s not as clumsy as I am. But lately, she keeps hoping to have a minor accident, because she knows I have two new boxes of super sweet kids bandages by Ouchies Jr.

Although we select cereal and crackers based on nutritional facts, we buy adhesive band-aids solely based on cuteness. We don’t even look at brands. And these new designs featuring Olivia and John Scieszka’s Trucktown would definitely be top choices for my picky 3 year old. And me, because I love products based on children’s book art.

The only problem is that the bandages are simply too enticing. I have been forced to hide both boxes from a melodramatic ballerina who’s rapidly developing a nasty case of hypochondria that can only be cured by body graffiti a la Olivia. ~Delilah

Buy Ouchies Jr. Olivia bandages
and Trucktown bandages from Ouchies online

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