Owners of a grumbly tummy or troublesome digestion, I have good news. There’s a new old-fashioned weapon in your arsenal, and it’s all-natural and even helps me be more aware of what I’m eating. Whether you fight bloating, crave sugar, or just ate too darn much, Digestive Bitters might help you as much as they’re helping me.

The company is called Urban Moonshine, and the idea is that the human body craves bitter flavors but is often denied them by today’s diet. Digestive Bitters come in three flavors: Original, Maple, and Citrus, all based on organic roots and herbs that aid digestion naturally and stimulate the palate. As someone all for natural remedies whenever I can find them, I tried Original Bitters in spray form and Citrus Bitters in dropper form, and they’ve both become part of my diet. Honestly, the taste difference between Original and Citrus is very slight; I can barely tell them apart. I’m curious if Maple is any sweeter.

I’ve always had tricky digestion, but a few sprays of bitters before a meal makes me more aware of the flavors of my food and how much I’m eating. I’ve also found them useful for when I’ve eaten too much–et tu, salsa and margaritas?

One serving of bitters helps my indigestion more than the two antacids I usually take when I’m suffering.

And you know what else? I like the bitter flavor. Maybe not in the form of raw dandelions from the yard, as someone suggested on Facebook, but a dropperful in my own kitchen does the trick, neatly.

Try Digestive Bitters at Urban Moonshine. They’re organic and sourced in Vermont but are not safe for use during pregnancy. They also have some intriguing Tonics that I would love to try.