I remember getting that last big piece of furniture for my house–years after moving in, of course–and thinking, “Finally, this is it!” It took no time to realize that a house truly comes together in the small, pretty details–at least the ones that the kids don’t destroy. My umbrella stand is one of the lovely accents that brings me a lot of joy and does an important job. Bonus: it doesn’t break easily. Check out these fab umbrella stands to add a touch of color, whimsy, or design to any size or style of entry way.


Traditional Umbrella Stands


Kensington umbrella stand at Crate and Barrel | Cool Mom Picks

The Kensington Umbrella Stand ($139.95, Crate and Barrel) , has a timeless, laid back design that can work in nearly any home, from traditional to modern, and the antique brass finish works as well in a mud room as it does in a formal entry. The only drawback is the hefty price. though this piece is definitely a keeper.


Oriental Furniture umbrella stands | Cool Mom Picks
This porcelain umbrella stand has the same traditional elegance and versatility as an oriental rug. It easily fits a traditional home, but can also add a nice flourish to a spare aesthetic. I like the slightly more graphic feel of the black and white umbrella stand, but the ivory with pink cherry blossoms is pretty, too. ($105, Amazon)


Modern Umbrella Stands


Nest modern umbrella stands | Cool Mom Picks
This metal Nest umbrella stand ($79 at our Amazon affiliate) is a sort of modern take on the Kensington, above. The cut out design gives it an airy feel that will work especially well in a smaller space more prone to clutter, especially in white, though it looks great in black, too.


Kartell umbrella stand at Ambiente Direct | Cool Mom Picks

Made by one of the premier producers of modern home furnishings, this Kartell umbrella stand, available at Ambiente Direct ($137.50) has a classic modern shape. The plastic stand comes in several shades, some opaque (black, white, silver) and some transparent (blue and red), making it a great choice for a space in need of a pop of color.




Glam Umbrella Stands

Oriental Furniture gold umbrella stand | Cool Mom Picks

I love this sleek gold umbrella stand ($98, Amazon). At two-feet tall, this larger stand, made of porcelain with a lacquered gold surface, can give any roomier entryway a touch of 70’s glam.


Brelso glam umbrella stand | Cool Mom Picks

With its perforated black metal and gold accents, this Brelso umbrella stand, ($69, Amazon) has an 80’s glam vibe that’s so very now. But you know, 80’s.  It reminds me of a cool cuff bracelet or hot perforated handbag that I’d wear, and who doesn’t want a touch of fashion style as they enter their home?



Utilitarian Umbrella Stands

Universal Adsorption Umbrella Stand mounts to a wall with magnets

If you’re looking less to make a statement and more for a practical, discreet solution, this Universal Adsorpotion Umbrella Stand ($9.99, FeelGift) is a good option. The stand consists of two small pieces, a ring that you put the umbrella through and a shallow cup in which the bottom of the umbrella rests. The design is super clever, but the catch is that it installs with a magnet. Anything you attach it to has to be made out of metal.

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