We missed the boat on a big fancy modern swing set for my kids–maybe because we live in the city and don’t have a yard? Yeah, that could have a little to do with it. But their Grandma and Papa put up a handmade swing for them which made me realize that once again, the basics can make kids perfectly happy. Especially when it’s one that will last–maybe until the next generation?

That’s why I got all “awwwww” when I saw the gorgeously handcrafted old fashioned wooden tree swing from Minnesota’s The Original Tree Swing on Etsy. Pricy? Yeah. But built (from reclaimed ash, no less) to last and I imagine it will only get more awesome with age.  The rope is even mold resistant, UV resistant, and smooth and while it’s not sisal, it should hold up even better.


Old fashioned handmade tree swing from the Original Tree Swing Company

Right now there’s a special: They’re making ten swings available for $34 off the original price. The swings are made for kids about 3+ and considering they’ll hold up to 300 pounds, I’d imagine that includes most kids-at-heart too. Count me among them.

Find the old fashioned wooden tree swing now at a special summer price for a limited time at The Original Tree Swing on Etsy.