The future is now, and geeky babies don’t have to put up with spit-up on their Bazinga! onesies. Whether you (and your Padawan) are into Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, ninjas, cassette tapes, or mustaches, this adorable Etsy shop has you covered–figuratively and literally.

Bitti Bottom Designs is run by a geeky mom and offers all sorts of baby gear with a pop culture twist. From blankets to paci clips to baby carrier drool pads, you can even custom order the design of your choice with your favorite geeky fabric. Of course, we’re into the baby bibs, because spit-up simply isn’t dignified. And also because that minky backing looks pretty cozy to me.


Geeky baby bibs from Bitti Bottom Designs: Batman handmade bib and burp cloth

Geeky baby bibs from Bitti Bottom Designs: Cassette tape bib

Geeky baby bibs: Star Wars Darth Vader handmade bib on Etsy

Geeky baby bibs on Etsy: Star Trek Redshirt

Bibs are machine washable, backed with cozy minky, and come with two snaps to grow with baby. And that Star Trek three-pack is the perfect gift for your favorite Vulcan. Of course, you know the red one’s going to be trouble. Better save it for baby’s first try at prunes.

Find geeky baby bibs, burp cloths, and more at Bitti Bottom Designs on Etsy.