If you’re pining for more Game of Thrones like I am (can’t it just run every week for forever?) at least now there’s a way to drown your sorrows with the Wines of Westeros. Created as a fan project by Australian ad agency agency Common Venture, I think they’re maybe the coolest geeky hostess gift I’ve seen.

Unlike any mead ever served at Inn at the Crossroads, these actually look like decent Australian  wines – Sauvignon Blancs to represent Stark, Arryn, Greyjoy, and the Wildings;  and a Chardonnay for House Tyrell (Margarery totally strikes me as a Chardonnay drinker, so, perfect).  As for reds, there’s a Cab for the Martells; Merlot for the Dothraki; Pinot Noirs for House Baratheon and Lannister; and Shiraz representing Targaryen and whoever’s left at Night’s Watch.

Eerily, there’s even a White Walker wine which is indeed white, but I’m fairly sure it’s made not of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, but zombie babies.

Wines of Westeros - Each named for a Game of Thrones Family

Common Venture seems like they’ve got the major GoT players covered, but on the pre-order form, you can “send a raven” to specify if there’s something you’d like to see. I’m thinking maybe a double magnum of something for the giants?  Or how about something named for the dragons? I’d hate to see what they do when they feel left out.

If nothing else, click through the site and check out the beautifully simple graphics, and clever copy like this one for the Wildings: Had your heart broken by Jon Snow? Round up your horde of cannibals, and fill your flask with wine as you prepare to scale the wall again.

Or for The Stark wine: Winter is coming. Throw on your furs, summon your direwolf and reject all wedding invitations.

Yeah, maybe don’t bring that one to an engagement party.

Serious Game of Thrones fans can  pre-order the Wines of Westeros now for about $20AUD a bottle. Delivery is expected for the fall.