There have been no shortage of clever products made since my kids have emerged from babyhood and the handmade bandana baby bib with a pacifier clip from SevenWhiteRabbits ranks high on that list.

It’s quite a simple concept but one that’s so smart if you’ve got a baby who loves a pacifier. Take an adorable bandana bib (the most subtle of all the bib styles, by the way), then attach ribbon pacifier clip. Voila! A drool catcher and a binky catcher altogether. Oh, and a little hint: If you see a specific bib you like in the shop, just ask to have the pacifier clip added right to it. Etsy artists are always cool like that.


Bandana baby bib with a pacifier clip from SevenWhiteRabbit

Sometimes it’s just the little things, like not having to remember to pack an extra thing when you leave the house that can make all the difference when you’re a new parent. Or, as I can tell you from experience, a new parent times three or four.

You can purchase the bandana baby bib with an attached pacifier clip at SevenWhiteRabbits on Etsy. Of course. 

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