When I was the parent of a tiny baby, it sometimes felt like I worked in a salon with all the hair brushing, scalp exfoliating, nail clipping and face washing going on. If only I’d had something as beautiful as the new Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit to make it, well, a more beautiful experience.

We’ve all seen (and used) the cheap baby grooming kits. They do the job. But they certainly wouldn’t be top of my list of great new baby gifts. Luckily for new moms and dads, the small company we love that has been helping parents with eco-friendly baby proofing for the last several years is now branching into the world of  baby primping and preening. The new baby survival kit includes an adorable washcloth that looks like a little birdie, a wooden comb, a natural bristle brush, and probably the coolest baby nail clipper we’ve ever seen.


Rhoost baby grooming kit from eco-friendly bamboo | Cool Mom Picks

The brush feels so nice through fine hair, and the washcloth is soft enough for thats sensitive newborn skin. And I love how the clippers are at once tiny enough for newborn fingernails, yet very easy for adult hands to use. Of course the sturdy bamboo comb is perfect for taking care of those post-nap bird’s nests that used to magically appear on the back of my babies’ heads each day.

Yeah, I may miss my babies, but I don’t miss that part that so much.

The natural, organic wooden Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit is available (along with lots of cool babyproofing products) at Rhoost.com.