Parents everywhere groaned when we heard the recommendation earlier this summer that parents should stop using spray sunscreen because of the danger of inhaling the stuff. Not to get alarmist (you can also tell your kids to close their mouths when you spray?), that means some of us were back to rubbing our kids with greasy, sticky lotions. Fun, right? Well, the SPF-50 mineral-based sunscreen from Babyganics, a long-trusted brand of ours, is a safe spray sunscreen, which is a nice option if you have concerns.

My kids have tried this spray out this summer and they really love it. It was actually a little weird how excited they were about it, considering it’s just sunscreen. It has a smooth application, unlike so many thick, creamy, sometimes tacky lotions. It’s also non-allergenic, which is great for my redheads’ sensitive skin, and tear-free–awesome because my kids wiggle so much when I put sunscreen on them that I get it in their eyes every single time.

And for those of you who follow such things, all of their products rank very well on the EWG cosmetics database, all scoring between 1 and 3.

Babyganics Mineral Sunscreen in safe spray or lotion form


There’s also a great Babyganics Cover Up Baby Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray. Or if you want to stay away from sprays altogether, it comes in  a sunscreen stick, suntan lotion, and my favorite–individual sunscreen applicator packs, so you don’t lose a whole bottle of sunscreen when you send it to day camp with your kid.

You can find the Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscereen Spray  at our affiliate Amazon. It’s $19.98 for a 6 0z two-pack, or find it at a store near you. 

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