We’ve seen just about everything in the  dollhouse world, but we’ve never seen an elephant you could live in. The natural wooden dollhouse called the Ele Villa (“elephant house”), from natural, sustainable toy company Rock and Pebble definitely brings something new to the world of imaginative play, and I love the underbelly parking as much as I love the well-dressed people who live there.

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The Ele Villa dollhouse is made of birch and is totally sustainable, natural, and non-toxic. With two floors standing 16″ tall and eight rooms that can be painted or decorated to your heart’s content, it’s as much of an art object as it is an imaginative toy. (That’s code for “not cheap.”)

The people who live there, called Pebbles, come in three adorable varieties: Modern Pebbles, Color Pebbles, and Alphabet Pebbles and they’re like the best of Waldorf style doll house dolls meets the creativity of paper dolls. Because you get 36 reusable paper outfits in solids and patterns to customize each of the five family members, along with easy instructions for painting faces (if you are so inclined), all in a cute cotton sack.

Personally, we kind of like them face free, because one day that “baby” could become the visiting aunt or the babysitter or a long-lost evil twin, General Hospital style.

Also check out the amazing dollhouses shaped like apples and pears, which cost a bit less. In case you don’t need that underbelly parking.


Ele Villa natural wooden dollhouse shaped like an elephant | mompicksprod.wpengine.com


Natural wooden dollhouse dolls from Rock and Pebble | Coolmompicks.com

Natural Wooden Apple Dollhouse from birch |mompicksprod.wpengine.com

Natural wood endollhouse people with customizable alphabet clothes

Natural wooden dollhouse dolls with reusable modern paper clothes| mompicksprod.wpengine.com

The prices are, as you might expect, splurgy. But for heirloom toys that look like sculptures and are made of natural, sustainable, long-lasting wood, children who love beautiful, little things will enjoy them for a long time. Also? No plastic shoes to lose the first day out of the box.

Find 3 styles of natural wooden dollhouses and sets of maple dolls at Rock and Pebble. Shipping to the US and UK is free in July!