Like a lot of you out there, I can’t live without my favorite handbags, yet for some reason, diaper bags were not at the top of my priority list when I began preparing for baby number one. Now I know better. However I’ve run into trouble recently, in my attempt to plan for baby number two, in finding a stylish, affordable diaper bag with room to spare. Room for bottles and sippys. Room for extra clothes. Room for wipes of every kind. Room for what-are-those-things-called again? Oh right, diapers. For two kids this time.

We’ve covered so many fantastic diaper bag brands over the years, and now mainstream handbag designers have even caught on to the fact that no parent wants to tote around a diaper bag that actually looks like a diaper bag. So I refuse to settle! Which is why I’ve made it my mission to find the most spacious, practical, affordable, but still stylish diaper bags that will keep moms organized, sane and looking chic–whether you’re raising one baby or a village.

Here are 10 of my favorite stylish and spacious diaper bags, in no particular order…all under $150. I hope they help!

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1. Soho Messenger Bag Diaper Bag from Babymel

Best diaper bags under $150: Babymel Soho Messenger Bag

The Soho Messenger Bag from British fave Babymel is ultra-lightweight and has more pockets than I currently know what to do with, both inside and out. The two zippered pockets on either side of the bag are insulated and will keep bottles and snacks warm or cool for up to four hours. This spacious diaper bag also has five pockets and a zippered compartment on the inside, five elastic pockets on the outside that Velcro shut, and comes with a padded changing pad. I’m going out on a limb and saying this unisex diaper bag would be Dad-approved, too.

$115 at Giggle


2. Carry Love Tote Diaper Bag from TWELVELittle

Best diaper bags under $150: TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote Diaper Bag

TWELVELittle might be my favorite new diaper bag designer. I pretty much want their entire line, but their quilted Carry Love Tote is perfect for moms on-the-go and looks a lot like the Marc Jacobs diaper bag without the same price tag. This simple, lightweight tote comes with a cute little changing pad that celebrates the 12 signs of the Asian zodiac and has five pockets on the inside and three on the outside perfect for bottles and other items you may need to access quickly. There’s also a hidden zipper pocket on the bottom of the bag to keep dirty items separate!
$140 at TWELVElittle


3. Georgi Diaper Bag from Baby Cargo

best diaper bags under $150: babycargo Georgi Bag

Best diaper bags under $150: Babycargo Georgi Diaper Bag in Blue

I’m a little obsessed with the Georgi diaper bag from Baby Cargo, a pick from our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide last year. With brass grommets that slide easily onto umbrella strollers and attachment straps that make it compatible with full-sized strollers, you pretty much have no excuse not to own the Georgi at the very least as a backup diaper bag–and you all know we need at least one of those. For 2014, Georgi is available in several new colors including a chic light & dark grey color combo and fun shades of blue and pink. This lightweight diaper bag may not look like it would hold much but with its innovative design and get this–12 pockets (seven interior, five exterior)–it packs a village. Plus, the price point will make any parent smile.

$41.81 right now at our affiliate babycargo


4. Wistful Weekender Diaper Bag from Petunia

Best diaper bags under $150: Petunia Wistful Weekender in Azalea

Best diaper bags under $150: Petunia Wistful Weekender

We’re big fans of Petunia Pickle Bottom here, we even featured the PPB backpack diaper bag in our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. With their Wistful Weekender (also shown at very top) you have not only a pretty diaper bag in lots of great patterns, but a great travel and hospital bag, too. This diaper bag boasts seven interior pockets, a key clip that I desperately need, side snaps that allow you to expand the bag, and two pockets on the outside for smaller items.

$139 at Petunia Pickle Bottom .


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5. Versa Diaper Bag by Skip*Hop

Best diaper bags under $150: Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

There’s a good reason Skip Hop is on nearly every baby registry I’ve ever seen. They make amazing products at affordable prices, and their diaper bags are no exception. The Skip Hop Versa is–like pretty much all of the bags on this list–stylish and lightweight, and boasts 11 pockets. Twelve, if you count the zipper pocket on the front for small personal items like your phone. There are two roomy insulated pockets outside for bottles, sippys and snacks, and nine more on the inside! And with one quick zip down the middle of the bag, you instantly have 20 percent more storage capacity!

$70 at Nordstrom


6/7. Dawn Diaper Bag and Charlie Diaper Bag from Timi + Leslie

Best diaper bags under $150: Timi + Leslie Dawn Diaper Bag Set

Best diaper bags under $150: Timi + Leslie Dawn Bag

Timi & Leslie have always excelled at designing diaper bags that look nothing like diaper bags which is why they’re a celebrity and CMP fave. Two of our current favorites are the Dawn diaper bag (at top) and the Charlie diaper bag (below)–actually a 7-piece set. How’s that for value? Besides the fact that both are super stylish, I love the variety of colors they come in as well as all the accessories they come with, from a zippered sac for dirty items to a cute clutch you can use as a wallet to an insulated tote for bottles. The light-colored interior lining lets you easily see everything in your bag, and with six exterior pockets, and three exterior pockets (two with the Charlie), there’s no shortage of organizational space.

The Dawn diaper bag is $149.99 at Timi & Leslie; the Charlie diaper bag in pewter is currently $137 on sale at our affiliate Amazon, and a little more for other colors.


8. Colorblock Diaper Tote from Storksak

Best diaper bags under $150: Storksak colorblock diaper tote

If you’re fond of bright colors and colorblocking, you’ll love this cheerful diaper tote from the trusted folks at Storksak. With five total pockets inside and out, it doesn’t boast the most organizational compartments, but it’s made from water-repellent (i.e. easy-to-clean) nylon, there’s multiple ways to wear it and I guarantee no one will think it’s got anything but fabulous lipsticks and important papers in there.

$132 at Storksak


9. Duo Double Diaper Bag from Skip*Hop

Best diaper bags under $150: Skip Hop Duo Double in OnyxThe Skip Hop Duo Double is currently the only diaper bag designed for a side-by-side double stroller and definitely wins the prize for most pockets with 16 total! Perfect for moms of twins, or just two in strollers. There are magnetic closures throughout the bag and the main compartment zips shut. It’s made from extremely durable poly-canvas, ensuring your bag will survive a long time so if you’re hard on your bags like yours truly, this one’s definitely worth considering. Plus I love that Skip Hop has those handy clips that also allow the bag to conveniently attach to the handlebars of a double stroller.

$80 at Nordstrom


10. FEED Diaper Bag

FEED Burlap Diaper Bag: One of our favorite diaper bags under $150Style, space and a good cause: The FEED diaper bag has all three in spades, especially if you’re a fan of FEED’s natural aesthetic. Launched in 2004 by designer Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED aims to make good products that feed the world. With the purchase of each FEED diaper bag, one mom and her child will be provided with micronutrients for one year, which is something I think we can all get behind. Made from natural burlap and cotton, this diaper bag has six pockets and comes with an adjustable messenger strap and a changing pad. And helping other moms? That’s always in style.

$150 exclusively at Giggle

For more diaper bags we love visit our archives. There are loads.
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