I don’t know about you, but the books that get my reluctant reader the most excited are the ones that drive me nuts. You know, the ones that include a catchy little song that he can shout at bedtime, when he’s supposed to be relaxing? His most recent favorite is Bedtime at the Nut House, with just that very sort of catchy chorus. And you might recognize the style considering it was written by Eric Litwin, author of our own bookshelf staple, Pete the Cat.


Bedtime at the Nuthouse: New picture book by Eric Litwin

What happens when Wally and Hazel Nut refuse to go to bed? Let’s just say that things get a little nutty. If your kid is more interested in bright pictures and catchy tunes than lots of words and intense storytelling, this book is sure to be a hit. Artist Scott Magoon uses a vibrant palette with lots of energy and oodles of hidden nut puns and jokes. And it’s such a big hit around our nut house, my son now sings, “We’re nuts!” whenever I tell him to, well, stop acting like a nut.

So yeah, maybe it’s a self-perpetuating problem.

Buy Bedtime at the Nut House from our affiliate, Amazon, or find it at a local indie bookstore.  There’s also a cute Bedtime at the Nut House video to go along with the song which is worth a watch.

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