As this crazy summer winds down I’m really looking forward to returning to our town’s library for after school hangs and rainy weekends. We’re there often, but no matter how hard we try to keep track of those borrowed books they tend to get lost in the household shuffle, so I exceptionally love the idea of this personalized library tote bag from our friends at Sarah + Abraham.

This adorable customizable tote featuring the popular olligraphic designs we love will get your kids a little more excited when it’s time to make a library run. Kids can make this bag truly their own, choosing among four colors of bags and several physical features of the character on the front, from skin tone and hair color down to eye shape and facial expression.

Library tote bags for kids: Sarah and Abraham library tote in blue

Library tote bags for kids: Sarah and Abraham library tote in green

Sarah and Abraham library tote in pink

I think this library tote bag is a must for my own kindergartener as she works her way up from the basics to all out bookworm. Harry Potter here we come.

Head to Sarah + Abraham to create your own library tote bag and to see all the other adorable selections for your one-of-a kind kids.

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