We featured Canadian brand Herschel in our 2013 Backpacks for Big Kids Guide because we’re so impressed with their sturdy construction and stylish design. Now we’re digging on the the Hershel toddler backpacks at My Sweet Muffin, which are slightly smaller but just as long-lasting. because as parents know, toddlers sure are rough on their backpacks for people without homework. I even discovered a faulty zipper on my kindergartner’s first bag–right after he tore off the tags on the day before school started. Yay.

With gender neutral colors, padded straps, and plenty of reinforcement, we love Herschel Supply’s Plaid Survey Bag, Cobalt Blue Bag, and Blue with Red Dots Bag. They are sized and designed just for preschoolers and kindergarteners,  but with all the ruggedness and style reserved for older kids. Also, those polka dots.


Herschel toddler backpacks: Survey Bag in Plaid

Herschel toddler backpacks:  Survey Bag  - inside view

Hershel supply toddler backpacks | orange polkadot

Herschel toddler backpacks: Blue polka dot


These are a little more expensive than your standard issue mass produced mall brand bags, but take it from the mom whose daughter went through three cheap bags in one year: Not having your kid’s bag break while crossing in front of the bus in afternoon traffic is priceless. There’s no crying in backpacks.

Find a nice selection of Herschel Supply Toddler backpacks, at the indie shop My Sweet Muffin . Check out our back to school backpack guide for Herschel bags for big kids, too. Shipping is free over $75, or a flat rate of $4.99 for anything else.

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