Zooties animal baby booties are adorable, if you couldn’t tell. Even more adorable? They have a great story that involves providing work, medical assistance, and education to women in Kyrgyzstan, who hand-craft each pair from sheep wool. And we’re not lion!

No matter which critter you select for a toe-tally awesome pair of booties, you’ll know that each pair of sweet critter feet is handmade in small batches, with the wool dyed, spun, felted, and stitched by a women-run collective. Zooties fit babies up to one year old and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. That’s a better deal than you’ll get with real giraffes.

Giraffe animal baby booties - Zooties


Whale animal baby booties - Zooties

Lion wool animal baby booties - Zooties

Penguin animal baby booties - Zooties


These adorable booties represent just one part of the collection, which spans all the continents and includes parrots, moose, koalas, and more. As you can probably tell, they’re more a cute gift for little ones than the right kind of shoe for new walkers, so put them on the keepsake shelf as soon as your baby is zoo-ming around.

Find Zooties animal baby booties at Uncommon Goods. The koala booties and panda booties are on sale right now for $14.99. Just sayin’.

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